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One of our team's main focuses is the community. Joliet has a rich history, one that we would love to share. Check out our city's history below!

History of joliet

Many people know Joliet for its work in iron and steel— but that's not all we have to offer! Here are some key facts about Joliet:

  • The quarrying of limestone earned Joliet the nickname “City of Stone.” Limestone was heavily used in the construction of the Illinois and Michigan Canal, and its many bridges and aqueducts, which later helped for the shipping of stone.

  • The Joliet Iron and Steel Works was constructed in 1869; the Bessemer converters installed in the mill were some of the earliest used in the United States. The mill attracted thousands of immigrants from Europe, who also found jobs on the Elgin railroad, which serviced the mill.

  • Joliet’s large labor force, as well as its steel mill, built the foundation that would sustain countless other industries, including brick companies, machine manufacturers, and the manufacture of oil and chemical products.

  • During the 1990’s, Joliet faced an economic rejuvenation. Millions of people visited Joliet for its riverboat casinos and its NASCAR and drag-racing tracks. The millions of dollars gained through new tax receipts have been used to revitalize the city. The population of Joliet increased drastically.